Thursday, February 08, 2007

Total Backup problems

I've been hastled by the "do_backup already running" error when using 4PSAs Total Backup. It suddenly struck me that this error might be triggered because the remote system is running a backup when the local system is trying to try connecting for storage.

The other problem I had was exponential growth of the backups - the backups were taking backups of the backups!

You need to assign an exclude path if you put the backups in the /home or /var directories as I initially tried. You can't just put them in root either!

Edit the config file: /usr/local/tbackup/paths.cfg
tar_path /bin/tar
md5_path /usr/bin/md5sum
gpg_path /usr/bin/gpg
exclude_path /boot /dev /initrd /lib /misc /mnt /opt /proc /sbin /tmp /rbackup
log_level LOG_INFO
Well at least I've got the root of that problem now!

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