Monday, June 01, 2009

Zotero style

I’ve just been writing a zotero style for where I’m an editor. I didn’t have a seamless start to the process and found it pretty difficult to work out exactly what I should be writing, but after taking one of the other styles as a starting point and mashing it about, I finally got to our working copy.

The styles are writtin in CSL and have to validate against the RELAX_NG XML schema. Long story short, use this online tool:

  • encoding and parser can be left of auto
  • schemas:
  • check “Be lax about HTTP Content-Type”

And, after uploading and hitting validate you should be on your way.

As for getting the new style into firefox, just File->Open File from within Firefox.

And then, once happy, the task of getting it up to zotero rears it’s head. All the csl files are held in an SVN repository. So, we need to checkout the csl repro, We also need to have a zotero trac account to be able to submit our style.

Once the repro is checked out, we can add our style with an “svn add file.csl” and “svn commit”.

A couple of helpful pages: