Monday, December 18, 2006

Google Earth

Fab! Must admit that I had previously searched for Google Earth for Linux and been saddened that I couldn't get it. Looks like the latest version (currently in beta) 4 is available for Linux, Mac and (good old reliable - [splutter]) Windows.

It's only a simple wget away:
sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin

Or, if you'd prefer, just browse to in your favorite browser and then run it after download.

Have fun (it's about 20Mb)

PSA Total Backup

I have been having issues for a couple of days with the following error.
Encountered error when do_backup is already running. Backup cannot start twice! on host k*****.***** at 2006-12-18 4:8:2
I presume that the problem pretty much described in the error. A quick search on the 4PSA forums gave me a simple solution. "I have noticed this too on occastion, but haven't found out why is happens. Simply kill the process and re-run the backup".

Finding the process by name wasn't something I'd done before... google came to the rescue again.
:~$ ps -A |grep do_backup
27524 03:02:12 do_backup
So, all I needed to do was kill the process id that was returned and re-run the backup!
:~$ sudo kill 27524
Great - all you ever need in this life is a couple minutes, a firefox browser and google!