Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 64AMD

I've just finished building my new AMD64 machine and the latest version of Ubuntu is being installed as a type (on my old machine). I anticipate to run into the usual problems but I think I have solutions to the expected ones already.

- I have an nVidia 6600 dual-head graphics card and it never works out of the box. My xorg.conf will doubtless need some tweaking to get it working.

PHP - as a developer of I have the requirement of having php compiled with dbase. There isn't a nice .deb package to allow me to do a simple apt-get install.

- I had Zend Studio and Server setup on my old machine and I remember a rather tedious process of getting them to play with each other.

- from reading other posts, it looks like flash and realaudio won't work in a firefox implementation under AMD64.

I'll post how I get on.

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