Monday, September 28, 2009

Ubuntu fonts

Get a raft of fonts for Ubuntu with a simple apt-get
sudo apt-get install ttf-sil-gentium ttf-dustin ttf-georgewilliams ttf-sjfonts sun-java6-fonts ttf-larabie-deco ttf-larabie-straight ttf-larabie-uncommon
Any, if Microsoft fonts are required:
sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
Works a treat.. and you could do worse than gnome-specimen for a font previewer.

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markinsonmarshal said...

I will show you how to install Ubuntu fonts in two way. The first uses the Synaptic Package Manager to install fonts from the Ubuntu repositories. As new fonts get added to the archive, this method offers fonts suitable for an increasing number of users, and is very easy.The second method is useful if you have downloaded fonts from the web, bought them, or acquired them from other sources. It is a bit more manual, but allows you to use fonts from a wide range of sources.configuration management