Thursday, July 03, 2008

Plesk 8.4 upgrade

When I bought Plesk initially for my growing server farm (small collection of servers that sits in a proper server farm), I didn't purchase the continuing version support... I didn't think it was worth the cash.

Well, I finally decided to crack out the credit card and but upgrades for them all. Especially since an amnesty on upgrades was being offered by the new owners, Parallels, and it was cheaper...

So, armed with my new keys, I went ahead and upgraded... it was one of those fingers crossed moments, but I'd backed everything up. And... everything worked... there were some niggles with the switch from PHP4 to PHP5, but everything went surprisingly well.

Now I just need to get round to upgrading Debian to etch on two of the older machines... that's not going to be as pretty, I'm sure.

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