Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updating SA

A while ago I blogged about backporting SA for Debian.
Once the SA is updated, run sa-update to get the most up to date rules.
You can also add other "channels" to add more updates for SA - currently using the ones from saupdates.openprotect.com and loving them! They have a nice todo on their site.

Make sure that gnupg is installed
sudo apt-get install gnupg
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys BDE9DC10
gpg --armor -o pub.gpg --export BDE9DC10
sudo -s
sa-update --import pub.gpg
sa-update --gpgkey D1C035168C1EBC08464946DA258CDB3ABDE9DC10 --channel saupdates.openprotect.com
All the updates now live at /var/lib/spamassassin/~version_number/
Happy spam hunting.


John said...

Hi Jeremy,

Many thanks (from Spain) for your blog. I'm starting with server administration for hosting purposes and I've come across many of the problems you post on your blog with my server: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS + Plesk 8.2 upgraded to Plesk 8.3.

Strange your that posting a comment on your blog requires to be previously registered as a blogger at google...were you aware of this?

Jeremy said...

Good to hear that other folk are finding some of these tips useful. I only really started the blog so that I could have a repository of useful information for me.

Hadn't realised that posts were restriced to google/blogger accounts- now switched off.