Saturday, November 24, 2007

Spamguardian failure

I migrated accounts from one Plesk server to another using their cool migration feature. Everything worked swimingly apart from the fact that no mail was being delivered.

A quick look through the logs revealed this in /var/log/messages:
Nov ** **:**:** servername livesguardian(7032): Failed running maildir
I had a look on Google and found no help. Trying to run the command "maildir" on the server resulted in a "no such file" error. Comparing directory listings of other servers, I noticed that /usr/bin/maildir didn't exist! I have no idea why, so decided to copy the maildir binary from the other server.

All is working swimingly now.

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Yagemi said...

Hey! we got the same problem on our server. you need to install the safecat version from 4psa and after that reinstall the spamguardian.

spamguardian also needs ia32-libs incase you're running an amd64 system

have fun :-)