Monday, September 24, 2007

SpamAssasin upgrade with SpamGuardian

I wanted to update spamassassin on my Plesk install on a Debian machine. I have SpamGuardian installed too, so needed to make sure that once the upgrade of SpamAssassin was complete, I could still control the setup through the web-insterface and Plesk and SpamGuardian.
sudo -s
get the latest spamassassin deb:
dkpg -i the_spamassassin_file.deb
cd /etc/spamassassin
remove the old .cf files (I moved them to a nuke folder)
remove the Rules_du_jour files too
edit the file
check that everything is still working
spamassassin --lint
fix any errors
if you log into the Plesk control panel now, SpamGuardian will still show that you are using the old version...

Re-install SpamGuardian

Additional instructions can be found in various places.

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