Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unison and Plesk

I've been trying to optimise backups so that in the event of a catastrophic disaster on one of my servers, I'd be able to quickly and easily get them abck up and running - especially the ones that are hosting domains that are heavily email dependent or have shops. The last thing I need is people getting stressed about loosing email or money!

I've got total backup and think that it should be sufficient for performing incremental backups every day on a weekly rotation. What I'd prefer though is a mirror on a different server which could allow me to simply flick a big red DNS switch and let everything continue as if nothing had ever happened.

I'd need to work out what total backup actually backs up and sync those directories across two plesk servers... sounds complex and graught with potential disasters... and, if it's such a great idea, why can't I find somebody who's done it before?

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